Boilers: Boiling Their Way to the Top

There are many apparatuses, machineries, and gadgets that are powered by either heating or cooling. Using tools like heating and cooling systems, HVAC technologies or boilers, these apparatuses and machineries are brought to life. A boiler, also known as steam generator is a device that applies heat energy to water in order for it to produce steam.

Fluid, mainly water, is heated inside a boiler and it does not necessarily need to boil. The steam, or vaporized fluid exits the boiler and will then be used in various processes and activities such as cooking, sanitation, water heating, and many … read full article

Radiant Furnaces and Boilers

Invisible electromagnetic infrared waves provide us with the warmth that we really need. Compared to other heating methods, for instance, electric pumps, are excellent for heating up any space.

Anything close, especially those that are in the direct pathways of the infrared beams can immediately feel its warmth. Once it warms up, heat is emanated from different objects that are close. Hence, it uses up less energy and is exceptionally productive too.

Many American homeowners use either heaters or boilers to warm up their homes. Heaters make warm air which is then conveyed inside the inside of the house through … read full article

7 Signs of Residential Furnace Problems

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Has your furnace ever stopped in the middle of the night in Brampton, Ontario? Not a nice experience!!  You can avoid these types of experiences with regular maintenance of your furnace says Bob Bies of Bulldog Heating and Cooling Brampton.  If you maintain your furnace on a regular basis, you can tell right away if it experiences any of these residential furnace problems that cost lots of money in the long run. Now, the question is how can you tell if your home furnace is having any of these problematic issues? Look for these seven warning signs indicating residential … read full article